How can I buy Kylie’s book “I’m No Angel”? Is it still available?

You can buy Kylie Busitti’s “I’m No Angel” by visiting your local bookstores. You can also buy it through this website and we can deliver it to your doorsteps. All you need to do is to sign up to order and fill out a sales form, then we will do the rest. Yes, It is still available up until now.

Hi, I just want to ask if her past activities such as interviews, shows, etc. are still here on this website? How can I see it if yes?

Hello, thank you for being here on our website. Yes, many of Kylie Busitti’s activities can still be seen on this website. To watch them, go to the ‘interviews’ or ‘shows’ section and you’ll find what you are looking for. You can also sign to our newsletter so you won’t miss our new updates.

Is the delivery fast and efficient?

Yes, we guarantee that our delivery is fast and that we make sure not to delay it for our customers.

Can I cancel my order of delay the delivery if ever I need to?

Yes, you can cancel the order only if the product is not yet picked up for shipping. You may also do this until 3 hours after purchasing from the website. If the delivery has been done or if the item is already being shipped, you cannot cancel it anymore.

Hi, I’ve been thinking about buying Kylies’ book. But how much does the shipping fee cost? Do you ship internationally as well?

The shipping fee may vary depending on your location. But we do ship for free also if you are just within the area. There are times when we conduct contests here where you can get the books as a prize. For our out of the country friends, we also do ship internationally.