This website was made, inspired, and dedicated to Kylie Busitti herself. We are more than happy to take part in creating something like this for her ever since she started modeling. People here were also inspired when she chose to be a greater role model to the community over being a supermodel. It is a great sacrifice to me with all the glitz and glamor of the latter.

Everyone was shocked and surprised with the sudden turn of events, but us, supporters of her, decided to keep on being by her side. It was shame she stopped being a model but it was never a shame that she chose her current path now. Besides, the decision of dedicating herself to God is more than inspiring than all of the glamors in the world.

When she created a book, stating her story and explaining what she chose, we were excited to purchase it and even share it with the world. That is why we did everything to make it available on our website too, not to mention that we also provide signed books of Kylie. Our fellow supporters loved this book and we were happy to receive such great reviews from other people. We’re thankful as well that Kylie receives a lot of love from people even after stopping her career as a supermodel.